Expanded Learning Programs2

Since 1994 healthy living and social-emotional development have been at the center of every activity and project-based learning experience we offer, helping students build positive relationships, acquire the skills they’ll need to succeed and become self-confident, motivated learners who understand and value the importance of living fit and fulfilling lives.

We currently offer our programming in a in-person setting. We are currently following all LAUSD guidelines to ensure a safe zone. Our programs are offered every weekday from the time school ends until 6pm. All students at our 15 Los Angeles school sites will receive a nutritious meal and homework assistance and engage in a variety of exciting enrichment activities that include physical activity; sports; nutrition and healthy snack preparation; science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); and much more!

Please contact us for more information and to register for our programs.

Elementary School Programs

Nourishing Matters engages children at all grade levels in a variety of hands-on experiences that increase their understanding of the importance of healthy eating and motivate them to make choices that support their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

They learn about the 4 energy regulators that impact our well-being, how to shop on a budget, prepare healthy snacks, and much more!

Our Write Brain project provides a unique opportunity for upper-grade level students to work together and independently to unleash their creativity as they build their collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and writing skills and become published authors.

Schools We Service….

  • Norwood Elementary School

  • Betty Plasencia Elementary School

  • Lucille Roybal – Allard Elementary School

  • Frank Del Olmo Elementary School

Young Chefs - A World Fit For Kids!

Middle School Programs

Gardening - A World Fit For Kids!

Along with physical activity, light meals, homework assistance, sports, and other enrichment offerings, Animation and Voice Overs give students an opportunity to express themselves by creating and producing animated videos they can share with friends and family.

Kids Code helps them explore science, technology, coding, and many other subjects in an exciting universe of games and exercises.

Schools We Service….

  • Virgil Middle School

  • Patrick Henry Middle School

  • Eagle Rock Middle School

High School Programs

In addition to daily physical activity, light meals, homework assistance, sports, and other enrichment offerings, our highly acclaimed Teen Fit for Success focuses on 21st Century skill development, physical activity leadership, work, and college readiness, community service, and mentorship.

Students who successfully complete the program become role models and mentors for younger students, build their resumes, frequently receive college scholarships. A high percentage become expanding learning staff when they enter the workforce.

Schools We Service….

  • Belmont High School

  • Eagle Rock High School

  • Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

  • Academic Learning Community High School

Teen Competition - A World Fit For Kids!