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    Images can be printed at higher resolutions for greater detail. A resolution is measured in pixels per inch (ppi), or dots per inch (dpi). The higher the ppi, the greater the resolution. Similarly, the higher the number per inch, the better the quality. Consider thread count in cotton sheets or knots in handmade carpets.

    In printing, pixels (ppi) become dots (dpi). Images are measured by the number of pixels along their width and height. MBs are the measurement of pixel dimensions. A document’s size determines how large or small it will print based on its resolution.

    In correspondence with a file’s resolution, its physical dimensions also change. A file can be thought of as a flexible ball of data: when rolled tight, a high resolution (pixel density) can be achieved and a small size (linear) can be maintained. A flat image has lower resolution (pixel density) but greater (linear) size than one that’s been rolled out. Its just like pastry!

    When you resize your image, you change its size without changing its pixels. click here count changes when it is resampled. During Photoshop resampling, the colour values of existing pixels are used to assign color values to new pixels.