Elvis Carillo

Program Director

Elvis Carrillo (he/him/el) has over a decade of experience in public health, expanded learning, civic engagement, and academia. Elvis is the Director of Programs at A World Fit For Kids!, spearheading the agency’s expanded learning programs. 

He is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health from the University of Southern California with a concentration in Community Health Promotion. He has dedicated his career to managing programs that prioritize underserved communities and helping them provide high-quality services.

His work with organizations such as arc-experience, USC’s Street Medicine, Bienestar Human Services, California Area Health Education Scholars, and CHIRLA highlights his commitment to addressing health disparities, social injustices, and systemic oppression that exist in our communities. 

As an alumnus of the agency, he is honored to lead its expanded learning services. Elvis has successfully managed programs focused on civic engagement, preventative medicine, and community programming. In 2016/2017, Elvis completed the Leadership Development Institute with CalSac, further honing his leadership skills.

He continues to support his team’s success, growth, and talents, striving to make a meaningful impact in the communities he serves.


Other Members

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