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Lawrence Jackson

Former NFL player, Impact Investor/Entrepreneur & Urban Development Advocate

Lawrence Jackson, born and raised in Southern California is a lifelong Inglewood citizen attending Daniel Freeman Elementary School, Warren Lane Middle School, and Inglewood High School. Lawrence played 1 year of Pop Warner football in the 5th grade for Inglewood Junior All-American Football League. Lawrence played Freshman football prior to joining the varsity team as a sophomore. In 2002, Lawrence was awarded and accepted a full athletic scholarship to USC.

Lawrence a 4-year starter at USC from 04-07. Serving as team captain during his senior season, the Trojans ended the season with a Rose Bowl victory over Illinois. Studying philosophy and majoring in Sociology while in school, Lawrence began to focus on community development and overall well-being. Drafted to the Seahawks 08’ and being traded to Detroit in 10’, Lawrence used his time in the NFL to continue to develop his community development plan ultimately being introduced to social impact while in Detroit.

Seeing an opportunity to be of greater benefit to the community, in 2013 Lawrence retired and began work as a social entrepreneur and philanthropist, applying for the head coaching position at Inglewood High School. Not getting the job, Lawrence shifted to entrepreneurship focusing on the development of community-impact opportunities through both investments and business development.

While serving as Director of Science for SmartFit an impact investment, Lawrence discovered a pathway through Vision Training that allows for Sports to be leveraged to develop the cognitive systems of young athletes, while also providing an opportunity to reduce and prevent concussions as well as acute and catastrophic injuries. Working with Kerlan Jobe and USC Roski Eye Institute, the Symphonics ASPECT program is looking to launch in 2021.

In the meantime, Lawrence is deeply committed to using his time to empower the community, serving in several roles in various organizations. Lawrence serves as the Chair of the USC Black Alumni Young Professionals Association, American Heart Associations Inglewood Active Community Coalition, and the Director of Torch LA.

Lawrence is currently married to his childhood sweetheart Mrs. Keyè Jackson.

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